Adventure Science Center isn’t Just for Kids

Adventure Science Center Nashville Tennessee

Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee is one of my favorite places to visit. They started a brand new tradition this year that I think a lot of people are really going to like.  For Valentine’s Day, they are showing “Romance Under the Stars” at Sudekum Planetarium.  There are two showings, one a few days before Valentine’s that we attended, and one on Valentine’s Night.  This alone makes them one of my favorite places in Nashville, but there is more, and I will tell you about it in just a bit.

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Adventure Science Center

Adventure Science Center Nashville Tennessee Night Time

Romance Under The Stars

But first, lets talk about this new program. Romance under the Stars is great.  For $25 a couple (as of 2017) you get admission to the show and a small box of Chocolates from Paul’s Chocolate Gallery in Franklin, Tennessee (They are so good!).

As you and your partner arrive and get seated there is a skyline of Nashville projected on the dome of the Sudekum Planetarium. The show starts with a sunset, and you get to see the stars come out.  After that, the host tells stories about the origins of constellations, Greek Mythology, and other space related romance.  The presentation is visually stunning and informative.  The way the seats are arranged makes it feel like you are lying under the open sky with your partner.  If you are lucky like we were, when the show is over you might just get to see someone propose!  How cool is that!?

Adventure Science Center Nashville Tennessee Sunset

Way Late Play Dates

Most of the time when you think of Science Museums, you think of kids.  Well, my friend, you are thinking wrong.  Adventure Science Center has special evenings set aside every few months just for adults.  These evenings are called “Way Late Play Dates” are usually themed. Some of the recent themes have been: Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Dystopian Worlds, and Star Wars.

Tickets are $35 for non-members and $25 for members. They include admission to all exhibits and activities, three beverage tickets (beer, wine and soft drinks), a planetarium show and a souvenir cup. The activities usually include a Planetarium show, a costume contest, some educational activities, and other special things depending on the theme. There are usually food trucks on site so you can make a full evening of the event. Dress up in costume, have some local beer, and dinner from a food truck and play through the night.

Adventure Science Center Nashville Tennessee

Planetarium Programs

I told you about Romance Under the Stars, but that is only a tiny portion of the great programs you can see at the Sudekum Planetarium at Adventure Science Center.  They also show Skies Over Nashville, Stars of the Pharaohs,  and amazing music shows.  My favorites have been the Pink Floyd Laser show (it blew my mind) and the Beatles show, but they have also featured many other artists including Led Zeppelin. Be sure to check out the Second Saturday Shows on their website to see all of the upcoming features!

Special Events

Okay, if the regular events weren’t enough to settle it, the special events that Adventure Science Center has surely cements it as one of Nashville’s coolest spots. On August 21, they will be hosting a special event for the Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible from Middle Tennessee.  This is going to be a once in a lifetime event and what better place to see it and learn about it.

Nashville Skyline from Adventure Science Center

The Science Center is uniquely situated in Nashville too.  Looking out from its front door, there is a beautiful view of Nashville’s skyline.  On the 4th of July you can take advantage of this great location and view one of the nation’s best and biggest fireworks displays from Adventure Science Center’s Lawn.  Tickets to this include admission to the center from 7-10 pm and free parking in their lot to view the fireworks with a live feed of the sound. There are also some tasty food trucks that stop by for this event you should definitely check out.

Go See it!

If you find yourself in Nashville, it is definitely worth checking out Adventure Science Center.  They have amazing exhibits for everyone, and fantastic activities for adults.  If you have kids its a great place for them too! Check out these other Downtown Nashville Attractions too.

Adventure Science Center isn't just for kids. Nashville Tennessee

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  1. I love to visit places like this – with or without kids!

  2. This sounds awesome! Our local science center should do things like this. I will have to check it out next time I am in Tennessee!

  3. I love the science center! Some of my favourite school trip memories were from the rainforest or the make your own tornado exhibit. Great post!

    1. Yes! My favorite field trip in school was an overnight trip to the science center!

  4. Fantastic – I haven’t been to any science centers or museums since I was a child! What a great idea to do special occasions for adults!

  5. I would love to visit here! Great post!

  6. Will be on my to do like next time I get to Nashville or even as close as Huntsville!

  7. Just one of many reasons I need to get to Nashville. I lived in Clarkesville when I was a kid but haven’t been to Nashville since then and I want to experience it as an adult.

  8. I think I would adore this place (with or without children!) Unfrotunately there are no Planetariums that I know of here in Ireland. But I love the idea gazing up at the show and the sunset, and that fact that you get to see the stars come out. Sounds very romantic!

  9. That sounds really great! And it’s true, it’s more an expo I would visit with my kids, though the Valentines Event sounds lovely! I never have been to a Planetarium or anything like it and I would definitely be up for visiting this Science Museum 🙂

  10. This is one place that I still have yet to visit. Thank you for the reminder that this place is right here under my nose.

  11. I would not have put this on my list to visit but it sounds like it would be a great experience. I think I would enjoy that Beatles-themed show and looking up at the night sky is always a treat. I’ll bet the events for the solar eclipse will make the entire area busy this August. Nice post.

  12. This is just like the place for me! I’d love to visit it and enter the world of adventure, science and remember what being a kid is!

  13. What a fun place to visit for both adults and children! I would love to check out “Way Late Play Dates” with my hubby!

  14. Amazing! I’ve always wanted to go to a Planetarium. It sounds like such a cool experience.

  15. This sounds amazing! Haa. I’m suck a geek for stuff like this! Will definitely need to check it out!

  16. I love science museums there is so much to learn and I always get amazed the way we have advanced in terms of technology. Being an engineer, I love all things techie. Romance under Sun is a nice concept and nothing like gazing million of stars with you loved ones.

  17. This place looks amazing. I didn’t even know it existed and I wanna go there, for sure!

  18. Awww…these are great ways to enjoy this spot. It’s nice to have alternative options to what’s most expected!

  19. Thanks for the recommendation. When I visit Nashville I will be sure to check this out. The Romance Under the Stars feature sounds particularly nice.

  20. wow this looks so interesting! i would have never thought to go here myself but like you said not jsut for kids! will definitely have to add on my list.

  21. I really enkoy visiting planetariums. The program at the science center sounds great! Especially the valentine day one must have been lovely 🙂

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