Summer is coming: 5 Great Ways to Beat the Heat in Nashville

Summer is coming: 5 Great Ways to Beat the Heat in Nashville

Well, I got my first sunburn of the year…that can mean only one thing, Summer is coming soon. Spring flies by so fast we hardly get to enjoy it before temperatures start hitting 90 and up.  Just because it is heating up doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lot of fun outdoors.  Check out these 5 great ways to beat the heat in Nashville

Beat the Heat in Nashville on the Lake

Wave Country

Wave Country Wave pool is a staple of my childhood.  One of Nashville’s older summer facilities, Wave Country is still a great place to cool off when the heat index is unbearable.  Daily admission is $12 for individuals 13 and over, $10 for kids aged 3-12, and kids under 3 get in free.  Memberships are also available for $50 for adults and $40 for kids and come with benefits like early entry, and a members only line on special days.  The water park has a wave pool, 3 Flume Slides and 2 speed slides.

Hit the Lake

Nashville has a few large lakes with great family areas. Percy Priest Lake and Old Hickory Lake both have family friendly beach areas where you can have a picnic, swim, and all kinds of other great activities.  Some of them require a small parking or use fee, but they are pretty affordable, usually around 5$. There are also a lot of marina’s on each of these lakes where you can rent a boat if you would rather have some fun a little farther out on the lake. You can enjoy all the fun of owning a boat without all of the maintenance and storage costs.  If lakes aren’t for you, there are quite a few rivers in Middle Tennessee where you can canoe or kayak.


For my money, there is no better way to beat the heat in Nashville than exploring a cave.  Tennessee is dotted with caves do to its geological structure.  Not far from Nashville you can find some amazing caves to explore! Mammoth Cave just a couple of hours north in Kentucky, about an hour and a half Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville (home of the Bluegrass Underground), Ruby Falls and Raccoon Caverns in Chattanooga, and a little further east the Lost Sea in Sweetwater.  This list of caves could go on and on; the important thing is that you know that there a numerous caves you can tour across Tennessee.  These caves stay cool year round, usually around 60 degrees.


Kids love Nashville’s spraygrounds!  It is hard to beat them for keeping the young’uns cool.  Set up like a play ground, Nashville’s spraygrounds have great fountains that , surprise, spray the kids with cool water.  Not only is it really refreshing, it also FREE! You can’t beat free. Take your kids, have a blast!

Nashville Shores

You can’t talk about ways to stay cool in Nashville during the summer and not mention Nashville Shores.  This place has a little bit of everything.  Wave pool, Slides, Water Tree House?  They’ve got it.  Boat Rentals?  Yep. Lazy River?  You know it.  You can really do it all at Nashville shores.  Daily Admission for adults is $36.99, kids are &28.99 and there is a parking fee of $9.  Season passes can be had for a reasonable rate too if you plan on going more than once, they are a great deal.  Another thing to keep in mind is many of the fast food joints and convenience stores in Nashville have coupons for discounted admission throughout the summer. Even without a discount, the water park is worth the price of admission though!

Beat the Heat in Nashville

Summer is bearing down on us.  It is time to start making some plans to stay cool when the mercury is climbing.  We hope you try some of these ideas to beat the heat in Nashville this Summer.  What are your favorite ways to make the Middle Tennessee Summers manageable? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to like us on Facebook 🙂

Spring flies by so fast we hardly get to enjoy it before temperatures start hitting 90 and up. Just because it is heating up doesn't mean you can't still have a lot of fun outdoors. Check out these 5 great ways to beat the heat in Nashville

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  1. I remember growing up in Virginia and upstate New York as a child! The heat was unbearable for the adults but for us kids, we were always on our bikes going down to the pool and spend hours there!
    I hope to return one day to the States and one place I definitely want to go is Tennessee!
    Now I know where to go to beat the summer heat! The caves really caught my attention.
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Yeaaaah FL here and I got my sunburn too DX I want to go to Nashville now just to try out these places haha

  3. I definitely would go for the lake! I love to cool of in the summer with a swim!
    Lea, xx

  4. I’m looking forward to a trip over there some time. It looks terrific.
    Thanks for the trip.

  5. I’m visiting Nashville this summer and I know it will be hot, so great tips.

  6. I have never been to Nashville but I bet it’s a lovely place with a beautiful nature. It is always great to stay near lake/river when it’s really warm outside. Also walking around in forests is something I love to do when the weather is too hot 🙂

  7. There are great ideas! I want to go in caves, especially! My friend and I are talking about going to Nashville next year so I’ll have to remember this for then. I’m going to Memphis in a couple months and I’m dreading the summer heat!

  8. Your photos are beautiful!! Must check out that lake xx

  9. Anything water related is always the best idea! I love being by the beach or a pool so you get you enjoy the heat but also stay cool and have fun 🙂

  10. I hadn’t heard of Wave Country. Thanks for the list.

  11. I love Summer and the outdoors. Nasville looks like a great place to enjoy the summer heat.

  12. I have lived in Nashville for 20 years and I didn’t know about the caves. This was great meeting and the kiddos will be doing some if this this summer.

  13. michele h peterson says: Reply

    Funny how so many people ( me included) think of Nashville as a music hub and don’t think about its many natural attractions!

  14. This sounds amazing!! I honestly wish I was in Nashville right now to check all of this out! It’s not a far drive from ATL…

  15. Pretty cool things to do! Always thinking about music only when I hear Nashville, but obviously got a lot more to offer!

  16. I LOVE Nashville. I haven’t been in quite sometime, but am wanting to plan a trip there with my husband in the future. Love these ideas and I will be saving them for future reference.

  17. Caves sounds pretty cool. Who knew Nashville had options like that! We’d love to explore one day 🙂

  18. Cool things to do ! Nice post and much needed for the heat..

  19. I love Tennessee. As a child, we used to go to Coker Creek on camping trips. This was a bit nostalgic, but also a beautiful reminder of various places to travel.

  20. Kimberly Hsieh says: Reply

    I hope to visit Nashville sometime in September. The lakes should still be warm and fun!

  21. I have never been to Nashville yet. But this is great. I need to travel there sometime. Your pictures are great!


  22. Looks like Nashville is the place to be for waterparks in Summer. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  23. This is great tips! My favorite has to be at the lakes when the mercury hit high. It’s a perfect way to keep cool.

  24. This is so great because I was thinking about how I need to get to Nashville and this time (it would be my 3rd time) I need to explore the suburbs more! Great post to beat the heat AND get outside the city a bit!

  25. Can’t wait to check these out! Great post!

  26. love these ideas, especially since they kind of feel more locally in nature 🙂 I just went to Nashville for the very first time in November for my bachelorette (im’ a married lady now) 🙂 and had a blast!!! though i must admit many elements of it were ‘touristy’ but still super fun. hope to go back another time, maybe not when it’s quite so scorching hot – even in November it was pretty warm for this new yorker! 🙂 xx Bee

    1. There is a lot of touristy stuff in Nashville. Some of it is a lot of fun, but i definitely prefer getting out of downtown. (Congrats on your marriage!)

  27. It’s great to see that there are so many places to cool down! Never realised nashville had caves either, they would be fun to explore! The lake would be great for families to hang out too, a fun Summer ahead!

  28. Texas here, trust me i will be using these tips to stay cool this summer.

  29. Getting wet is definitely the answer!! I love Nashville, but I admit that I haven’t visited in the summer. Generally I tend to wilt in the heat, but a day at the lake might be nice!

  30. I would love to go there! I really enjoy traveling in the US and Nashville would be definitely a destination I would pick.. my kids would love the sprayground obviously 🙂

  31. I didn’t know Nashville gets so hot! The NAshville Shores sound like a very very nice option though.

  32. I always love to fine places to get lost off the beaten path and away from the crowds. Mammoth caverns is definitely worth a visit. I’ll have to check out those lakes!

  33. I would definitely want to do all of these especially going to the lake. It would be nice to have a picnic there with my friends. The lake looks relaxing and serene.

  34. Those are some really great activities … I love exploring caves, so i’ll definitely make sure i’ve added a few of those during my next trip to the area!

  35. I’ve always thought of Nashville as a very important place for music but I’ve never concentrated much on the naturalistic side of it, I was wrong 🙂

  36. We love Nashville and make the drive from Memphis any chance we get! My daughter and I are planning a girls’ weekend this July! It has to be cooler than Memphis, right?

    1. Sure its cooler; by maybe 1 degree. 😀 Are you coming in for the big fireworks show on the 4th?

  37. Sounds like some great ideas for the Tennessee heat. I probably would be interested in exploring a cave or checking out a lake. That way I can do some outdoor activities while cooling off.

  38. This post reminds me of Wave Pools. I would love to jump in one right now. Nashville is too far for me now…..:P

  39. I could be at the lake everyday of the summer if I had the choice. I grew up camping all summer long cooling off in the nearest lakes. These are all great ideas especially for kids as well. Nashville Shores sounds super fun!

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