You would be Crazy not to Visit the Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville

Patsy Cline Museum Nashville Tennessee Records on the Wall

Patsy Cline made a huge impact on music.  Her life was cut short by tragedy, but her legacy endures. The Patsy Cline museum in Nashville, Tennessee documents her incredible life. From her humble beginnings in Winchester, Virginia to her untimely death in Camden, Tennessee it tells the story of a music legend. This post contains affiliate links

Patsy Cline Museum

Located on the second level of the Johnny Cash Museum, the Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville, Tennessee is a testament to the singers short life.  We visited on a Saturday afternoon, and the Cash Museum was incredibly busy.  Lucky for us, the Patsy Cline Museum (being new) was not really all that crowded.  Bonus Points, we purchased our tickets online so we didn’t even have to wait in line for that!

Patsy Cline Museum Nashville Tennessee

We arrived around  2:30 pm, made our way upstairs, and checked in at the front desk of the gift shop.  The cashier took our ticket and gave us a thorough explanation of how to navigate the museum, and we were off!


The first portion of the exhibit is a wall with a timeline chronicling her life. It starts with her birth in Winchester, Virginia and spans her entire musical career. I learned so much just from reading this wall!  Fun Fact: Patsy Cline was the first Solo Female performer to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Nashville Tennessee Patsy Cline Museum Timeline

On the other side of the hall is one of my favorite pieces in the entire exhibit.  As a young musician Patsy Cline worked at Gaunt’s Drugstore making shakes and waiting tables.  The owner of the drugstore was a huge fan of her music and allowed her to work a flexible schedule to accommodate her budding career.   Across from the timeline wall is and actual booth that Patsy would have waited on during her time as a server at Gaunt’s.

Patsy Cline Museum Nashville Tennessee Gaunts Drug Store

5 Things not to Miss

The Patsy Cline Museum has an incredible collection of items from Patsy’s life.  I don’t want to spoil the experience by sharing everything in the museum so I will give you a rundown of things not to miss.


The museum shows a great short biography of Patsy Cline. It is narrated by Beverly D’Angelo, and it covers her life pretty well in the short time it is on.  The room it plays in is comfortable and has room for plenty of viewers.  I learned quite a bit watching this film.

Home Sweet Home

Months before her death, Patsy purchased her dream home in Gallatin, Tennessee.  The museum has a display of things from her home that seem mundane, but show a glimpse into her life.  Everything from, jewelry, luggage, and even clocks.  These normal items from her life are a window into who she was.

Patsy Cline museum Nashville Tennessee


There is a great collection of dresses in the Patsy Cline Museum that were sewn by her mother. Many of the dresses were made based on Patsy’s drawings. These dresses showed that her artistic ability extended far beyond singing!

Patsy Cline Museum Nashville, Tennessee Dresses


A Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, a Diamond award from the RIAA for her Greatest Hits Album, and many more; the Patsy Cline Museum has a small display of some of the most prestigious awards! These awards speak to the immense impact that Patsy had on the music industry.

Patsy Cline Museum Awards Grammy RIAA Diamond

Rec Room

The short time Patsy and her husband lived in their dream home in Gallatin, they entertained many friends and family including: Loretta Lynn, Dottie West, and many more.  This usually occurred in the “Rec Room” in the house.  The museum has recreated the Rec Room with original furnishings and decorative items.  The only things that had to be recreated were the bar and the coffee table.  Take some time while you are there to check out all the names on the guitar!

Patsy Cline Museum Nashville Tennessee Rec Room

More Information

Located upstairs at 119 3rd Ave. S Nashville, TN 37201, the Patsy Cline Museum shares an entry with the Johnny Cash Museum

Parking is available nearby in garages and lots, but it is not available at the site of the museum.

Admission costs:  Adult $18.95 plus convenience fee
Child (Ages 6-15) $14.95 plus convenience fee
Ages 5 & Under Free

Buy tickets ahead of time online to shorten your wait time when you arrive.

Hours: Monday-Sunday – 9:00AM – 7:00PM

Closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas

Give yourself an Hour and a half to explore the museum

Contact the museum at  (615) 454-4722

Be sure to check out the gift shop on your way out.

Patsy Cline Museum Gift Shop Nashville Tennessee


Nashville is an incredible city.  Although it is growing out of being just the country music capital of the world, there is no denying that country still reigns in Music City.  Paying homage to the legends of country music is an essential portion of Nashville’s tourism industry.  The Patsy Cline Museum is another incredible addition to Nashville’s already amazing collection of museums dedicated to music.  When you visit Nashville, be sure to check out these other great downtown attractions.

Patsy Cline made a huge impact on music. Her life was cut short by tragedy, but her legacy endures. The Patsy Cline museum in Nashville, Tennessee documents her incredible life. From her humble beginnings in Winchester, Virginia to her untimely death in Camden, Tennessee it tells the story of a music legend.





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