Rutledge Falls – Tullahoma’s Hidden Gem

Rutledge Falls

Tucked away in Tullahoma, Tennessee on private property, Crumpton Creek drops 40 feet at Rutledge Falls and flows west to Normandy Lake. Open to the public by the owners, this chilly water provides much needed relief in Tennessee’s hot Summers for the swimmers that visit. Summer is not the only season to visit this amazing spot though.  The Spring wildflowers and Fall colors are incredible as well!


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Rutledge Falls


Getting There

Rutledge Falls Barn


An hour and 15 minutes southeast of Nashville, in the hills of Tullahoma you will find this gorgeous little hideaway.  Located across Rutledge Falls Road from Rutledge Falls Baptist Church you will find the parking area and trail head.  If you see the red barn and the driveway with the millstone in the middle you are in the right place.  There is a little parking area near the entry.  From there you take a short trail to the falls.  Although the trail is short, the climb down can be tricky, be sure to wear shoes you are comfortable on slick rocks in. Once you reach the bottom you will be blown away by the beauty of these falls.

About Rutledge Falls

Rutledge Falls

Height: 40 ft

Source: Crumpton Creek

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Things to do:

  1. Swimming in the Summer months
  2. Easy hiking
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Explore – this is a beautiful area, I promise you will find something engaging

“The Lady of the Falls”


As you make your way down the trail it is hard to miss the statue that watches over the falls.  This mysterious looking lady was originally located at the State Capitol grounds and was produced by a company out of Philadelphia, Wood and Perot, as gaslight standards. A part of a set, these statues were named Morning, Noon and Night and were ordered in 1859. According to staff at the Tennessee State Museum the figure at Rutledge Falls is Night.  They were removed from the capitol as part of a renovation project and the owner of the falls at the time B. “Pop” Jennings obtained permission to save this one. Jennings dubbed the rescued statue “The Lady of the Fall” and the name stuck.



Rutledge falls is private property.  The public is allowed to enjoy it because of the generosity of the owners.  Please respect that and pack your trash out (and extra if you can).  Help keep this naturally gorgeous area stunning for everyone.


Rutledge Falls is a gorgeous waterfall that many locals have spent their entire childhoods swimming in.  Its chilly water and stunning views make it a perfect destination for almost any season.  If you come visit be sure to check out these other Tullahoma attractions too.


What are your favorite Middle Tennessee Waterfalls?  Greeter, Cumming, Burgess, or some other hidden falls?  Tell us in the comments.

Rutledge Falls Tullahoma Tennessee

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  1. Michele Peterson says: Reply

    The statue of Lady of the Fall is quite beautiful and great news it was preserved. Tennessee has so much going for it!

    1. She’s a beaut’. You are right about Tennessee too.

  2. Great article! Rutledge falls is great place to relax and listen to the falls. You can take wedding photos out there too! Make sire you ask the owner for permission and always take your trash with you.

    1. Thanks Joe! We love it there, it’s on of my favorites, definitely a great spot for photos too.

  3. Always been one of my fav places to go too.

  4. Haven’t made it to Tennessee yet, but I’m game for anything waterfall related!

    1. I can’t wait for summer to come back around so we can get back to visiting the waterfalls around here. I’ve got about 10 on the list to see!

  5. Such generosity of a private land owner to welcome the public on their property. This is obviously a beautiful spot and nice that it can be enjoyed by all. My hope is that it continues to be respected and take care of by those who visit. Thanks for sharing all the information about this lovely spot.

  6. How cool that this piece of private property is allowed to be enjoyed by many! That is extremely generous of those owners. I’ve been to Tullahoma many times but have yet to enjoy this hidden beauty.

  7. Travelgal Nicole says: Reply

    Wow this place looks really cool. I’ve never been to Tullahoma but it looks like a lovely spot here.

  8. I imagine the place would be a perfect weekend destination. As you said, for a picnic or a longer walk. Oh, I want summer already.

  9. That is a well spread out falls. The place has a nice ambiance.

  10. This looks like the kind of place where we would take a picnic and spend the day exploring, swimming and relaxing.

  11. It looks and sounds like a lovely place to visit. I’d lover to go hiking here. It’s also very kind of the land owners to let people visit and I hope people do take their rubbish with them.

    1. Its really cool, and for the most part people do a good job of hauling their trash out. I always try to pick up when I visit too.

  12. What a beautiful place! Definitely a good escape for people living in big industrial cities. Would love to visit some day! 🙂

  13. The owners are really generous for sharing this gem with the public. The place is beautiful and the photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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