Do you like Girl Scout Cookies?  Do you like wine?  If so, you are going to love this.  Beans Creek Winery in Manchester, Tennessee recently held a wine tasting and pairing with their wines and a variety of Girl Scout Cookies.  Even a wine novice like me was able to have a great time.  Note: This post contains affiliate links.

Beans Creek Winery in Manchester Tennessee

Beans Creek Winery

Opened in Manchester, Tennessee in 2004 Beans Creek Winery is a true family business.  Tom Brown made his first batch of wine in 1976 in his mother’s kitchen, and it all started from there.  Today, the Brown family runs the winery with Tom’s oldest son Josh serving as the Winemaker and Manager. The wines are made from grapes grown primarily in Tennessee.

The Pairings

Beans Creek Winery put together a fantastic group of pairings for this tasting. I am not one of those folks with refined knowledge of wine, I’m not going to talk about all the subtle notes and fragrances of the wine (mostly because I don’t really understand all that). I am going to tell you about the each of the wines, the Girl Scout cookies, and what I thought about the pairings.

Beans Creek Winery Wines and Girl Scout Cookies Tasting

Sparkling Brut & Trefoils

Sparkling Brut

Made using the traditional Méthode Champenoise this sparkling white wine was really good.  It wasn’t too dry (I’m not a fan of dry wines) and had a great taste. This was the most surprising wine for me, because I usually do not like Champagne, but Beans Creek Sparkling Brut is just right.


Trefoils are traditional shortbread cookies, made into the shape of a girl scout logo.  There isn’t a lot to say about them except that they are really tasty.


These two go perfectly together.  Both have a nice light flavor.  I could definitely see serving this pair at the end of a brunch.

Nana’s White & Savannah Smiles

Nana’s White

The Nana’s White is a sweet white wine, and I absolutely love it.  It is made with a blend of Cayuga, Vidal and Muscadine.  Of all the white wines we tasted during this event, this one was my favorite.

Savannah Smiles

I had actually never had these cookies before, but I really like them.  They are a tart lemon flavored cookie, and they are dusted in powdered sugar.  I will definitely be buying a box next time I see some on sale.


The staff at Beans Creek Winery nailed it with this combo.  It had the perfect amount of sweet and tart. I liked them together even better than separate. This was my wife’s favorite pairing.

Blackberry & Do-si-dos


The Wild Mountain Blackberry wine at Beans Creek is my favorite thing they make.  According to their website, it is a back-blend of white wine and natural blackberry concentrate.


Do-Si-Dos- are peanut butter, sandwiched between crunchy oatmeal cookies.  These have a habit of disappearing around me.


No surprise that my favorite wine paired with one of my favorite cookies was my favorite pairing.  The person running the tasting told us that last year they had paired Do-Si-Dos with Mountain Red (a Concord) based wine, to capture the PB&J feel and thought the Blackberry would have a similar effect.  They were right.

Chardonel & Samoas


Dry White is not my favorite wine, but Chardonel was good for what it was.  If you like dry whites I am certain that you will love this one.


Samoas are not my favorite Girl Scout Cookie (I don’t really like coconut).  They are caramel and toasted coconut with just a touch of chocolate.


Surprisingly (to me anyway) I really liked this pairing despite these two not being my favorites individually. They offset the things I didn’t like about the other item.  The folks at Beans Creek Winery are amazing at putting these things together.

Papa’s Red & Thin Mints

Papa’s Red

I really liked Papa’s Red.  It is an off dry red, it wasn’t as sweet as the Blackberry, but it was still a little sweet.

Thin Mints

These cookies are too good.  I usually eat a whole tube when I get them.  They are a crunchy mint cookie with a chocolate coating, and they are one of the most popular Girl Scout Cookies out there.


Despite both of these being really good, I didn’t really like this pairing.  I imagine it would be hard to pick a wine that goes well with the really strong taste of Thin Mints.  I’m still really impressed with Beans Creek’s selections for these pairings.  There is only one pair out of seven choices that I didn’t really like, and that is pretty good.

Syrah Reserve & Tagalongs

Syrah Reserve

Even though this was a dry red (which I don’t normally like), I really enjoyed it.  The Syrah reserve is aged a little longer in oak barrels than the regular Syrah.


Another one of my favorites, Tagalongs are chocolate covered vanilla cookies with a layer of peanut butter.  I could eat them by the dozen and not feel bad about it.


These two go great together.  They really did their homework when pairing these wines.  The tagalongs add just a little bit of sweetness to the Syrah Reserve.

Apropos & Toffee-Tastic


My 2nd favorite wine at Beans Creek is the Apropos.  It is their port, and comes in at 18.9% Alcohol.  It is a little heavier than the other wines, and tastes amazing!


I did not like this cookie by itself.  It is gluten free, and the texture was all wrong for me. The toffee flavor was good though.


Despite not liking the texture of the Toffee-tastic cookie, paired with the Apropos it was great.  The toffee flavor really went well with the taste of the port.

Bonus Pairing:

Apropos & S’Mores

Beans Creek has picked up a few boxes of Girl Scout S’mores, and kindly shared some with our tasting group. I tried mine with the Apropos per their recommendation, and it was magic.

Beans Creek Winery in Manchester Tennessee hosted an amazing wine tasting. They paired their wines with Girl Scout Cookies!!!!


Beans Creek Winery put together an awesome event.  I am not a wine connoisseur and felt completely comfortable there.  They were generous with the wine and it didn’t feel rushed at all.  I can’t wait for their next event to see what they come up with. Next time you are anywhere near Manchester be sure to stop by and visit the folks at the winery, and check out these other things to do as well.

Beans Creek Winery in Manchester Tennessee hosted the best wine tasting ever. They paired their wines with Girl Scout Cookies!!!!





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