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Glamping Accessories to Make Your Campsite Stand Out!

I love camping. Whether it is car camping with the whole family, or solo back country camping, there is  nothing like being outdoors and connecting with nature. Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable though. Sure some purists scoff at the idea of air mattresses and multi-room tents, but you aren’t camping for them. “Glamping” is taking off, and if you want to have nicer things at your campground, and be more comfortable, I say go for it! If someone doesn’t like your sweet campsite, then they don’t have to sleep there. Check out these glamping accessories to make your campsite stand out! This post contains affiliate links.

Glamping Accessories

Setting up a camp is a lot of work. You have to have somewhere to sleep, cook, entertain, and relax. Not all of these tasks need luxury items to make them enjoyable, but sometimes it helps. Glamping accessories can make it a little easier to camp with people who may not be as in to the whole “great outdoors” as you are, or have some physical limitations that would normally keep them from camping. It can really turn camping into a family event that everyone enjoys!


Look, no one is going to have fun on your camping trip if they don’t sleep good. If you are going to spend extra money on luxury glamping accessories, I would spend it on sleeping gear first. It is by far the most rewarding place to spend. Upgrading from a cheap blue foam sleep pad to a nice air mattress will make a world of difference on your trip. Here are some other sweet glamping accessories to help you get a good nights sleep.


Your first big choice is going to be your sleeping quarters. You can go to the local department store and grab the first tent you think will hold your whole crew, but you would probably enjoy one of these big tents a little better.


Again, good sleep is a key ingredient for a successful camping trip. Don’t skimp on your sleeping gear, you will regret it later. Instead get some decent shut eye by picking a sleep system that is comfortable.


If you are not hauling it in a backpack, there is no reason not to have comfortable bedding. It doesn’t have to be your nice linens from home, but it also doesn’t have to be a cheap, too hot sleeping bag that keeps sliding off of you. What you use largely depends on your bed situation, but all of these options beat cheap-o sleeping bags any day of the week!


One of my favorite things about camping is the food. You can pack in dehydrated meals or go to a restaurant, but it will always come up short. Getting the family together and preparing a camp dinner is a great way to spend some quality time together. These glamping kitchen items will help you on your road to outdoor chef extraordinaire!

Stove / Grill:

One of the most important items to outdoor cooking is the right stove or grill. The variety here is mind boggling, and you will only be limited by your budget and available space. These are some of my favorite options for feeding my folks in the great outdoors.


You can’t prep food without a table/ counter top. While many campgrounds will have something you can use, it is usually a tiny picnic table. You can’t very well prep food, cook, and eat all at the same table. Instead take a look at some of these great tables!


If you are going to cook, you need something to cook in. There are tons of options out there, but I will try to keep it simple here and recommend a few of my favorites.


Camping should be a fun activity. Not many people want to take the time and energy to drive to a camp site, set it up, and then just sit around doing nothing. Board games and cards are ok for some folks, but for maximum fun check out this awesome glamping gear!


One of the best ways to bring your family together and have a lot of fun is playing games together. Whether its everyone for themselves, or team games they will help you bond with the people you are with.


Camping can be exhausting, but if you take your time you can create a relaxing space for you and everyone in your site. The important thing to keep in mind when looking for relaxation gear for your campsite is comfort. Sure you can bring along the folding chair you got at the company picnic 8 years ago, but wouldn’t you rather relax in a nice roomy lounger with cup-holders and a comfortable head rest?


You can get one from the local department store that will keep you in a somewhat seated position above the ground, but I have yet to sit in a cheap camp chair that was anything close to comfortable. Instead check out some of these actually comfortable seating options:


My favorite option when it comes to relaxing at camp is stretching out in a comfy hammock. There is nothing better to me than laying back, reading a book, and listening to all the camp sounds. That is why one of my favorite glamping accessories is the packable hammock. Grab one of these, find two trees and forget about all your troubles for a few hours.

Decoration and Comfort

For some people it is important that they capture just the right aesthetic. Making their camp look nice is just as fulfilling for them as the camp feeling nice is for others. A lot of these glamping accessories not only meet the needs of the most aesthetically choosy, they also pull double duty as useful camp items.


A few strings of white lights work wonders for making a camp ground look like a fantastic retreat. As a bonus, they can keep you from tripping over the cooler once it gets dark.


Another favorite at the campground is decorating your site. From bunting to blankets these glamping accessories make your little strip of the forest feel like home. They will make a camp look nice, and make it much easier to identify your camp if you are in a crowded park.

Glamping is fun!

Don’t let the critics and “real campers” dissuade you. If you want to have a camping trip and take luxury items with you, do it. You aren’t camping for them. Most folks go camping to relax and spend quality time bonding with their family. The stuff you bring with you shouldn’t matter to anyone outside of your camp. So if you want to camp and only bring a wool blanket, a knife, and some matches go for it. If you want to haul a trailer full of fun stuff, that’s okay too. Just get outside and enjoy some time with the people you care about.

Guide to Glamping Accessories to make you camp site perfect. Sleeping, cooking, and entertaining are all key parts of making a camping trip fun and this post has some great ideas to make the best of it #camp #glamping #camping #outdoors
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