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Nashville Tennessee is a fast growing, sprawling, middle sized city.  It is not the first place you think of having an outdoor adventure, but it is worth taking another look.  Surprisingly, adventure in Nashville and the surrounding area isn’t that difficult to find.  There are many opportunities to push your boundaries and try new things throughout the city.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Percy Priest

Adventure in Nashville Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding has really taken off in the past few years.  It has expanded to include stand up paddle boards that can carry your dog, paddle board racing, and even paddle board yoga!  Nashville Paddle Company operates a rentals service on Percy Priest Lake. Do some yoga on the lake, or just spend a day paddling around.


Zipline through the Treetops of Fontanel


Zip Lining is another popular adventure in Nashville.  Adventure Works Nashville has two sites where you can fly along harnessed onto steel cables up to 85 feet in the air.  One is in Kingston Springs and the other is at Fontanel. The average Zip Tour is around 90 minutes.  You can fly through the treetops for $59 per adult.


Skydive in Nashville


If jumping out of a perfectly good plane is your idea of adventure, you can make that happen in Nashville too! At Skydive Nashville, you can book a tandem skydiving experience. This is the best way to get  the first taste of skydiving. Your instructor will get you through the entire experience, from taking the first step out the door, to free fall,  and feet firmly planted on the ground. Contact them at their website or via phone at 615-988-6290.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great adventure activity in Nashville.  If you have a mountain bike already swing by Hamilton Creek or Percy Warner Parks to ride.  If you don’t own your own bike, you can rent a bike from Trace Bikes and check out some of the thrilling mountain bike trails in Nashville. It is great exercise and a amazing way to see the natural side of Nashville.  If the off road trails are too much, there are also plenty of green ways and smooth bike paths throughout the city you can explore.


Adventure in Nashville Kayaking

I covered a lot of this in a recent post about kayaking in Tennessee, but this is one of my favorite activities. It can be a full on thrill seeking adventure, or you can tone it down to any skill level. You can spend all day floating comfortably down the river, or you can plunge headlong off of waterfalls.  No matter how you choose to take this adventure, you can make it happen near Nashville.


Adventure in Nashville Hiking

There is no shortage of beautiful hiking trails in and around Nashville. There is a trail for every fitness and experience level from paved wide trails of the green way system, to the more rugged terrain of South Cumberland State Park a little further out of town.  As far as adventure in Nashville goes, hiking is probably the easiest to get into.  There is very little cost involved to get started. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite trail, but Radnor Lake State Natural Area is one of the most popular.

Partner up for Adventure in Nashville

You don’t have to adventure alone!  You can join like minded folks at Team Green Adventures.  For over 10 years Nashville’s lightning 100 has been organizing and engaging listeners, fans, and the Nashville community in an active, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. Team Green organizes over 250 events each year such as beginner backpacking, wildflower hikes, and bike rides.

Go do it!

These are some of our favorite ways to have an adventure in Nashville. What are yours?  Let us know in the comments, then get out there and get into something fun!

Amazing Outdoor Adventure in Nashville, Tennessee. More than just country music, Nashville is home to many adventure activities from hiking, to skydiving, and mountain biking, Nashville has something for everyone.

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