Some days you just need to take it easy, kick back and relax a little.  We did just that recently in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We decided it was time too take a day off, and just spend a Saturday recharging. First we checked out Serenity Salt Cave, then we grabbed lunch, and went for a nice relaxing walk.  I can’t think of a better way to chill in the ‘Boro. This post contains affiliate links.

Serenity Salt Cave

We started our Saturday off at Serenity Salt Cave in Murfreesboro Tennessee.  I know you are wondering what the heck a salt cave is. Ultimately, Serenity Salt Cave is a great place to relax, but there is more to it.  The Cave is actually a room that is lined with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which is supposedly incredibly pure and contains more than 84 minerals.  There is also a generator that breaks down the salt into fine particles and pumps them into the air.  You sit in the room in a “Zero Gravity” chair with a group of people and listen to meditation music.

Serenity Salt Cave Murfreesboro Tennessee


Breathing in this Salt is reportedly supposed to be good for vascular health and a number of other afflictions ranging from acne to sleep disorders.  While I can not speak on the efficacy of  Himalayan Sea Salt therapy, I will say that after 45 minutes in the cave, my sinuses were cleared and I felt pretty rested.  Was this a result of the salt or just from relaxing?  I can’t say for sure. What I can say is I’ll probably visit again, if nothing else just for 45 minutes of no electronics and no talking.

Serenity Salt Cave

2705 Old Fort Parkway

Murfreesboro, TN 37128


Price – Normally $25, but they run deals on Groupon frequently

Peter D’s Happy Hour

Peter D’s is a great place for dining out in Murfreesboro Tennessee.  Located right by the Avenues, Murfreesboro’s open air shopping center, Peter D’s is usually a pretty busy place. It was opened by the same people that run Demos’ (another great Murfreesboro restaurant) to provide an upscale casual dining atmosphere.

Peter D's in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Saturday’s are probably my favorite day to visit Peter D’s because of their happy hour.  Every day they have different specials for happy hour, but Saturday…Saturday is where it is at.  9$ Create Your Own Bloody Mary’s. So that is what we started with, Crop Organic Tomato Vodka, Mild Spice, add Worcestershire, Garnished with a Pickled Green Bean, a Cherry Tomato, a Green Olive, and an Orange slice, Rimmed with Peter D’s Seasoned Salt.  Oh man was it tasty!

Bloody Mary Peter D's Murfreesboro TN

The food was just as good as the drinks.  I had D’s BBQ Burger with shoestring fries.  For 10.99 a 7 oz burger on a brioche bun with BBQ sauce, hickory smoked bacon, slaw, onion strings, pepper jack hit the spot.  I have eaten a few of their other entrees, and none have disappointed.

We followed up our lunch with a banana pudding parfait.  The serving was plenty for the two of us to share, and it was delectable.  Served with a sugar cookie, and a base of cookie crumbles, the texture of this is perfect.  I’m ready to go back for more already.

Banana Pudding Peter D's Murfreesboro Tennessee

Peter D’s

2357 Medical Center Pkwy

Murfreesboro, TN 37129


Price – $$

Stones River Battlefield

After stuffing ourselves on burgers and banana pudding, we felt the need to walk some of it off.  We headed over to Stones River National Battlefield. Now, a historic civil war battlefield might not sound like the most relaxing place to go for a walk, but you would be surprised.

Stones River National Battlefield Murfreesboro Tennessee

Located along the railway and connected to the Murfreesboro Greenway system that runs along Stones River, and Lytle Creek, the Stones River National Battlefield has some really nice walking paths.  Miles of trail run throughout the park, much of it paved,  making it easy for visitors to navigate this historic area.

Stones River National Battlefield Murfreesboro Tennessee

There is a lot more you can do and learn at the Battlefield; visit the museum in the visitor center, or check out one of the hallowed ground tours through the cemetery.

Stones River National Battlefield

3501 Old Nashville Hwy

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

(615) 893-9501

Murfreesboro Tennessee

Murfreesboro Tennessee is packed with things to do. The few things we listed barely scratch the surface. What are your favorite ways to relax in the ‘Boro?  Let us know in the comments.

Relaxing activities in Murfreesboro Tennessee

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